The pre-release chitter around the new Nurses album has increased to a dull roar, and fittingly, here's the brand-new video for "Fever Dreams," which was filmed and edited by Nurses themselves. (Suck it, McG!) It's full of abstract images and Aaron Chapman's face painted various shades, at times bringing to mind the opening credits of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's also nice to see that Nurses use those energy-saving light bulbs.

Not enough Nurses for you? You can stream the whole record, Dracula, exclusively over at Yours Truly right now.

Still not enough Nurses for you? They're doing three in-store performances a week from today (September 20, the day of the album's release) plus a release show at Holocene on Thursday, September 22.

If that is not enough Nurses for you, you may need actual medical attention. (See what I did there!)

End Hits: You see, I said "medical attention," and the band's name is... OH FORGET IT.