And so it begins.

On Tuesday evening, 25-year-old Roland Anderson and an unknown gal went on a first date to Northwest Portland's Chapman School to watch the swifts spiral into the school's chimney. Innocent enough, right?

  • Mike Houck

Around 9:30 pm, after the birds finished their nightly show and the couple had downed a few glasses of wine, Anderson decided to scale the brick chimney to impress his date. Portland Fire & Rescue said Anderson made it up the chimney about 40 feet from the roof then scrambled back down on a cable towards the ground before taking a fall. After his 15-foot tumble to the ground, bystanders say Anderson was fading in and out of stages of consciousness. Anderson was sent to the hospital in critical condition.

Adding insult to injury, the Oregonian spoke with Anderson's estranged wife who called him an "adrenaline junkie" and said he just came back from a skydiving trip.

Poor guy. So the question remains: Will there be a second date?