I'm sorry, internet, I screwed up yesterday and posted the wrong info for TBA's late night show. I promise to be more diligent today. OK. Here goes.

Tonight, the sole TBA performance of Sarah Douger's Fin de Siècle

You’re in good hands with Sarah Dougher. The former indie rock queen from Cadallaca and the Crabs is now a choral mistress supreme who directs regular performances of her Flash Choir ensemble. For TBA, Dougher sets her sights on a choral performance of three of poet Leslie Scalapino’s poem/plays, accompanied by video projection and a live band of cello, piano, violin, brass, and percussion. COURTNEY FERGUSON

That's at 7:30 pm, Washington High, $10-15

You can also catch Andrew Dinwiddie's reenactment of a 1971 sermon by preacher Jimmy Swagger, which I wrote about here.

And finally, tonight, for REAL, New Musics:

It’s no secret Portland’s robust musical community is the envy of the free world (sorry Brooklyn), and a large subsection of this localized creativity will be on full display tonight. New Musics was birthed by local photographer Megan Holmes and Claudia Meza (Explode Into Colors), and their quarterly series of events centers around unique one-off collaborations between the most unlikely of pairings (for example, Classical Revolution PDX teaming up with electro-pop keytarist Copy). Tonight you’ll witness Meza’s instrumental opera Mourning Youth, a Flash Choir assisted tape collage from Grouper, composers, dancers, and so much more. EZRA ACE CARAEFF

That's at Washington High at 10:30 pm, $5-8. As always, PICA's got the more info you need.