Comics journalism website Cartoon Movement (which is edited by local Matt Bors) has a great new comic up about Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC). Artist Susan Cagle visited a couple CPCs in the Bay Area and mixed drawings of her experiences with some outside reporting.

Check it out:


I feigned pregnancy at Crisis Pregnancy Centers around Portland and found that while the staff was friendly and rather open-minded, the pamphlets and fliers of medical information they distribute were pure political propaganda replete with medical inaccuracies and horrifying abortion stories.

Oregon is one of only 14 states where access to abortion is not restricted by any laws (like parental notification laws, mandatory waiting days, or forced counseling). But access to abortion IS limited in Oregon by a lack of abortion providers, especially in rural areas: Eighty percent of Oregon counties have no abortion provider in the phonebook. Meanwhile, there's over 50 Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the state.