As much as my ego hates the idea of pimping anything that I had no hand in, you really ought to catch GameTrailers' Pop Fiction video series. I just stumbled on this thing a day ago, totally on accident, so I'll try to offer an overview of what I've seen so far.

Essentially, the Pop Fiction episodes are like Mythbusters for videogame urban legends. Take that video at top for instance: It covers the Street Fighter II/Sheng Long debacle that spawned two characters, an infamous EGM April Fools' Day gag and hundreds of thousands of pissed off early-90s gamers.

At this point, with the ubiquity of the 'net, the whole situation is pretty well known to fans of Capcom's fighting games, but Pop Fiction goes into incredibly intricate detail on the topic. I was convinced that they'd miss the whole "Chinese transliteration" aspect of the controversy, but no, it's totally in there!

This attention to detail extends to every topic the series has covered. From Luigi in Super Mario 64 to zombie Aeris in Final Fantasy VII, every topic is dissected and examined before the pleasant narrator crushes our dreams of once again holding hands with that cute flower girl from the slums.

Kill a few hours with the entirety of the series here.