Eric Powell's The Goon is one of the best comics—period—and for what feels like forever there's been talk of an animated movie, written by Powell, produced by David Fincher, and featuring the vocal stylings of Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown. Shit, they even made a trailer, and when Ned interviewed Giamatti earlier this year, I forced him ask Giamatti what was up with the whole thing. The short answer? Nobody wants to fund it, apparently, which seems totally believable in an economic climate of scaredy-pants studios and totally frustrating in a cinematic climate of way too many crappy movies.

Anyway, AICN has a brief glimpse of some more Goon animated action. It's great and frustrating. Can we just start up a Kickstarter or something for this thing? That's how people make things these days when they don't have any money, right? I will chip in. Just... I don't know. Someone make something happen, dammit.

ALSO, RELATED! One of the best single-issue comics of the past few months was The Goon #35, drawn by Powell and written by one of my childhood (does high school count as childhood?) heroes, Milk & Cheese creator Evan Dorkin. Here are the first two pages.