SAGE WISDOM—Last October, limber-tongued emcee Sage Francis brought a tear to many a backpacker's eye when he announced he was hanging up the mic and quitting touring. Thankfully Francis came to his senses, because the longstanding rhymer has established an inspiring career from his intense live sets. No need to quit the game when you are running it. EAC
w/the Metermaids, Sadistik; Roseland, 8 NW 6th, 8 pm, $18, all ages

FLY AWAY HOME—Newcomers may scoff at watching the migratory Vaux's Swifts perform their nightly dive into the Chapman School chimney, but they know not the spectacle of seeing a thousands-strong flock of birds preparing to roost, or the drama of the prowling, hungry hawk. Bring your biggest picnic basket and come early for that coveted spot on the grassy knoll. WE
Chapman School, 1445 NW 26th, 6 pm, every night through September, FREE