Here's the charming new video for the Shivas' "Gun in My Pocket," which graced this year's PDX Pop Now! compilation CD, and shows the Vancouver, Washington, band at the height of their powers, with bubblegum major chords and sweet harmonies interspersed with clanging, reverb-laden guitars. The video's a similar mix of lovely and dangerous, as the group rides out into the country for what looks like a pastoral joyride. Things turn dark, though, and then they turn even darker, and the video, directed by Keaten Abbott, capably proves the maxim which we have been saying for years: Never, ever trust the drummer.

The Shivas' next Portland show is at Bunk Bar (1028 SE Water) on Tuesday, October 18.

End Hits: The song's name is "Gun in My Pocket." What did you think was gonna happen?