Earlier today I wrote a piece on the cross promotional synergy happening betwixt Ground Kontrol and the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Being the smug jerk that I am — did I really just type "betwixt?" — I thought to myself, "the end of this piece needs a quip that is equal parts edgy and urbane and also insults my audience."

You can see the results for yourself.

In my rush to be an internet jerk however, I completely overlooked the fact that there are, in fact, naked ladies involved. Specifically, Critical Hit Burlesque's show this Saturday, appropriately dubbed "Geeklesque: Powers UP!"

  • Design by Jonathan Adams

Oh, and lest anyone accuse anyone of gender inequality, I've been assured that the event will also feature dudes shaking whatever it is that dudes shake. (Their chins, maybe? I have no idea how that works.)

Full deets (and imagery) lie beyond the jump, or you can simply visit the event's Facebook page and drop another few coins in the Zuckerberg bank account.

As promised, details:

It’s time to take it back to the heyday of cartridges, consoles, and arcade cabinets! Warm up your thumbs and check the coach cushions for quarters, because here comes a classic video game extravaganza!

Critical Hit Burlesque, in association with the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, is pleased to present Geeklesque: Powers UP!

With performances by a selection of new and familiar performers, including:

Hai Fleisch
Satheara Sin
Lizzy O'Boom
Sofia Flash
Kai Mera
with fusion bellydancing by Elise

And joining us from Seattle, we are ecstatic to welcome Burlesque Hall of Fame 2011 - Best Debut competitor... Randi Rascal!!!

Hosted by the Mad Marquis de Maltease. Sponsored by Guardian Games, Billy Galaxy, Ground Kontrol, Robot Piercing and Tattoo, the Lovecraft Bar, Purrfect Pineapples, Geek Chic Cosmetics, New Deal Distillery, and Backspace.

Poster Designed by Jonathan Adams

This will be a TWO show engagement, with performances starting at 7:30 and 11:00pm on Saturday, September 24, 2011.

Tickets start at $10 (in advance) for a single performance, or $14 at the door. Dual show and VIP seating options are also available.

Special discount for Portland Retro Gaming Expo attendees! Make sure and bring your convention badges with you to receive discounted admission at the door.

The aforementioned Facebook page also includes all the pre-show ticket details you might need.

So there you go. Booze and free games AND naked ladies. It's like Valhalla for people who lack the upper body strength to swing a battleaxe.

Bonus: So you all have some idea of what you'd be getting into here, the people behind the show have sent along two, relatively work safe images. Have a look:

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Hai Fleisch, Satheara Sin, and Kai Mera as ... oh cmon, do I have to spell it out for you?
  • Sarah Giffrow
  • Hai Fleisch, Satheara Sin, and Kai Mera as ... oh c'mon, do I have to spell it out for you?

A more childish journalist would be making a mushroom joke right about now.
  • Sarah Giffrow
  • A more childish journalist would be making a mushroom joke right about now.

Like I said: Valhalla.