Troy Davis! Troy Davis! Troy Davis! Georgia went ahead and executed the man whose doubt-ridden murder case gained international attention. His last words were, "I am innocent."

Us vs. Them: The people on the Forbes 400 list got 12 percent richer last year.

Speaking of Moneybags: Why are Obama and Warren Buffett BFFs all of a sudden?

Stock Shock: The Dow today went down, down, down.

Actual WMDs! Libyan rebels say they've found a Gaddafi's stockpile of chemical weapons.

Veil of justice: Muslim French women who face fines for wearing a full-face veil argue their case in court.

Facemaster Music: As part of its revamp, the lord and master Facebook launches a music platform.

Satellite on Fire! Photos of a US weather satellite totally eating it in space.

Good Sign: Apparently building an entire TV show around getting ladies to wear rabbit tails on their butts does not guarantee success.

I'll be Book: Ahnold is writing a memoir.

Wyden vs. the Patriot Act: Oregon Senator Ron Wyden says the public was mislead about the use of the Patriot Act. Wyden phone tap beginning in 3...2...1

Muppet Chic: Classy fashion line Opening Ceremony gets into making Muppet sweaters.