Disclaimer: I'm about to drop into hardcore "pimping things because I like these people" mode, so if any of you are offended by the idea of cool things you might want to check out, feel free to visit Erik's journalistic opus on the subject of Liam "Glass Fists" Neeson.


Alright, so, I feel pretty safe in assuming that you guys know what Ground Kontrol is. As far as videogames go, it's like our own little mecca of retro, arcade goodness. We've written thousands of words about the place for the Merc, and they all centered on booze and Pole Position.

Likewise, I'm going to assume you've been paying attention to our yearly pimping of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. If not, read this thing.

Traditionally, the two entities team up for cross promotional hijinks, so having heard nothing about it specifically, I contacted Ground Kontrol head Art Santana to find out what GK might be doing for the 2011 iteration of the PRGE.

His response:

... this year we're sponsoring the PRGE's "Free Play Arcade", and bringing some games to contribute to the line-up supplied by local collectors. We will also be selling console games and some arcade games at the show, and may auction off some cool items like a Famicom ROB in the box!

As for cross-promotional opportunities at GK, we plan to offer PRGE badge holders $1 off drinks at Ground Kontrol Saturday and Sunday nights!

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So there you go. Free games and cheap booze. What more do you want?

(Yes, "naked ladies" is the obvious answer. Shut up jerk.)