In news that will surely dust off some more tired Jail Blazers jokes—oh, oh, now do one about Sam Bowie and Greg Oden—Portland Trail Blazers center Marcus Camby was arrested for suspicion of marijuana possession earlier this week.

Trail Blazers center Marcus Camby was arrested earlier this week and charged with marijuana possession in Pearland, Texas, according to a published report by the Pearland Journal.

Camby, who lives in the Houston area during the offseason, was driving a black Porsche around midnight Monday morning, when he was pulled over for having an illegal sun screen device blocking his front window. Officers questioned Camby and a passenger in the car and noticed the smell of marijuana.

The officers were granted permission to search Camby's car and apparently discovered several marijuana cigarettes and a small bag of the same substance under the front seat.

It's Pearland, not Potland! Amiright or amiright? Um, anyway, Camby posted $2000 bond and was freed to go back to his job of not playing basketball because a bunch of horrible rich people have ruined the game. Meanwhile, somewhere off in the distance, John Canzano mounts his high horse and prepares his column for tomorrow...