Tony Dimitri Peniche, a recent apparel design graduate from the Art Institute, has announced that a photoshoot for his fashion line on Saturday will feature over 100 naked people traipsing from PSU onto the MAX at 6:45 am ("just heading to work... naked"), down to Ankeny Alley by 9:30 ("acting casual, drinking coffee, riding bikes, getting out of a cab... naked"), then on to Barracuda for a club scene at noon ("people just having fun, dancing, drinking, smiling..." you get it). What's a fashion shoot without clothing? Well, the tag line behind the concept is "If you aren't wearing Peniche, you aren't wearing anything," and the nudists will be joined by a lone model repping the brand.

This is par for the course for Peniche's drugs/sex/rock 'n' roll marketing preferences, and not the first time he's raised eyebrows (witness the extremely cuddly and middle finger-heavy photoshoot he did with his sister, who, incidentally, you might recognize from teen beauty pageants, Playboy, a handful of rehab-related reality shows, or that one naked home video with Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart). That's all fine and dandy as long as he keeps working in the direction of the interesting and well crafted looks he showed us at the AI show—I will, and have said, that he's come a very long way from the screenprinting and bullet belts we first knew him for.


It will be just like the naked bike ride except with guyliner instead of bikes! Plan your Saturday accordingly. (Oh and if you want to try to join in, go here.)