The letter from DAD in this week's column made me really sad. I'm a woman who sometimes reads incest porn—which is difficult for me to type—and I'm not disturbed, I was never molested, and while I love my own dad, I definitely don't ever, ever, EVER want to fuck him. Nor do I think about him or anyone else in my family while I'm reading incest stories. (And if I happen to, it ruins the fantasy.) You're absolutely right: it's power relationships and taboo-breaking that's erotic. And it's just fantasy! And I understand how it must look to someone who doesn't have this particular kink but—oh my god—it's terrifying to imagine someone finding incest porn on my computer's search history, mistaking it for a real desire, and then destroying my family over it.

I just wanted to speak up for us harmless kinksters.


Thanks for writing, E. One more letter from innocent consumer of incest-themed porn after the jump...


It's possible that the incest porn is only a coincidence. For example, I like to look at porn involving women who appear to be my wife's age. I'm not interested in the particular scenario, just the visuals. If you searched my internet history you might find mother-son porn simply because the women involved look a certain way. It's a huge conclusion jump to conclude that I'm a perv.

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