Meanwhile, on MOD, the Mercury style blog...

- We checked in with Portland alums Leanne Marshall and Gretchen Jones' latest collections at New York Fashion Week.

- We learned how to DIY our own ironing boards, because after all the shoes, white wine, and cat food there is nothing left for our "ironing board" budget.

- A pretty girl in Lille Trousseau lingerie jumped on a bed:


- Beauty product and makeup superstore Sephora finally decided to open a location in downtown Portland.

- Pendleton's Portland Collection got love in the glossies.

- Plus photos from new designer and store lookbooks, news and gossip from the local fashion and retail industry, 10 new events to put in your calendar, and seven ways to shop for less.

The next few weeks are chockablock with fashion and retail events all over town. Don't miss a thing.