Ding-dong, the wimp is dead! Sorry, that was mean, I'm still bitter about last week. If you saw last night's installment of Project Runway, you know who I'm talking about. For this episode, the season's relentless obsession with team challenges marched on, splitting into two groups tasked with designing looks for the shaggy haired members of a band called the Sheepdogs for an upcoming Rolling Stone shoot. Luckily for the designers, their style, reflected in their music, is easy to read, and which I would summarize as "retro hippie biker dudes." Shaggy hair, handlebars, denim, leather, dashikis, snakeskin boots, and so forth.

Also, I don't recall Tim ever being so giggly. I'll have what he's having. Speaking of giggly, I would not say that I like Adam Lambert's style choices, but he did make a jovial addition to the judges' panel.

I was so ready to say goodbye to Olivier and his fat-phobic, time mismanaging ways. That poor guy he designed for... OMG. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, fragile man.

The ladies also had a pretty hard time this week, unused to designing menswear. Still there was little excuse for the color and fabric selections made by Anya and Kimberly, but Olivier's multiply declared lack of care for what he was doing and trying to blame his own incompetencies on his model's physique.

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Thin excuse, dude. On the winning side, Viktor yet again nailed it with an outfit that was crowned by a truly impressive leather jacket. His personality might be kind of a dud, but how could you not be impressed with the amount of work this represents:

Joshua, who seems to have put his claws away for the time being, did well, but you just can't compete with a jacket like that. It's getting close enough to the end that it's time to start making bets. I think it's going to come down between Anya, Josh, and Viktor (and maybe Ryan). I love Anya's sense for prints, but I'm not sure she has the tailoring chops to quite deserve it. At this point Viktor has a real shot, though in my heart I want to see Joshua get it. Either way these next few episodes are where things are going to start getting very interesting. Let's wrap 'em up!