You know the race for Mayor is heating up… when a front runner CHANGES HER FONT. Here's New Seasons co-founder and mayoral candidate Eileen Brady's old font...


Zzzzzzzzzzzzz... snort! What?? Huh?? Oh, sorry—I sometimes suffer from font-olepsy. Anyway, here's her brand spankin' new font that debuted today on her updated website.

Whoaaaaa! Somebody put a bird on it! That's a big change that's obviously trying to send a big message. You know what this font says to me? It says, "Eileen Brady is of the people." She's "the grass rootsiest." She's "keeping Portland weird!" She's "possibly going to ride a tall bike." She's "asking you to temporarily ignore her close ties to the business community." And she's "already extremely nervous about Jefferson Smith entering the race."
Speaking of Jefferson, here's his font:

Hmm. Could be more "grass rootsy." And in Portland, he or she who can exhibit the most "grass rootsification" wins! Anybody got any ideas about how Jefferson can "grass rootsify" this font or logo?