Oh great. Three more unemployed Portland hipsters with tattoos.
  • Oh great. Three more unemployed Portland hipsters with tattoos.

In news we all saw coming from a mile away, the NBA has postponed all training camps and outright canceled every preseason games from October 9-15.

NEW YORK, September 23, 2011—The NBA announced today that player training camps for the 2011-12 season have been postponed indefinitely because a new collective bargaining agreement has not been reached with the National Basketball Players Association. Training camps were scheduled to open on October 3.

In addition, the league canceled all preseason games scheduled from October 9 through October 15. “We have regretfully reached the point on the calendar where we are not able to open training camps on time and need to cancel the first week of preseason games,” said NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver. “We will make further decisions as warranted.”

Noooo! Canceled preseason? Where else are we going to see Jeff Pendergraph start at center for 32 minutes? In all seriousness, right now it appears as if the sport of professional basketball will never return and instead it shall be replaced by a professional quidditch league. I fully support our team new, The Portland Golden Snitches.