Oh cosplayers! Youre the best.
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  • Oh cosplayers! You're the best.

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There's a not-very-informative set of Twitter Q&As up at GameFront regarding the Mass Effect movie, which, just FYI, will never actually happen. It will never happen because if Peter Jackson can't get a Halo movie made, and if Sam Raimi can't be bothered to actually make a World of Warcraft movie, chances aren't too hot that a Star Trek-y RPG with little mainstream name-recognition is gonna suddenly spin itself into Hollywood gold.

Don't get me wrong: Mass Effect could make a hell of a movie. It just... y'know... won't. So I guess what I'm saying is, if you want to read something worthwhile about Mass Effect, read Tom Bissell's New Yorker piece about the voice of FemShep.

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