The hits kept on coming for the consolation bracket. Ugh-a-mungo. The Bay Area vs. Jet City game was a roller-bummer with a final score of BAD 302, Jet City 55. While the Denver vs. Sacred City game is finishing up (guess what: also a heavy beating). Final score: Denver 220, Sacramento 59.

Rose City Rollers vs. Oly Rollers

Yay, Mercy’s back after being expelled from the Bay Area game last night. Portland’s Wheels of Justice are running pack drills in the warm-up, while Oly’s playing it cool with a long line of smooth skating. First whistle: Oly’s Atomatrix takes immediate control with four points. Then RCR's White Flight gets totally walloped hard three times in the third jam—once on her face. Sully Skullkicker puts us in the lead with a score of 7-4. Lead change soon goes to Olympia. Then the lead gets bigger and bigger with some glued-together packs from the powerhouse team—the Oly Rollers' defenses were tight. Then out comes Scald Eagle to soar, bringing the score to Oly 39, Rose City 19. Scald Eagle brings it again. But the Oly Rollers are still ahead. SoulFearic Acid has a succession of power jams to make it a one-point lead with RCR trailing, 47-46. The Wheels of Justice take the lead, yo, thanks to Acid’s jamming, 63-55. Blaurgh, then Oly’s Atomatrix nudges the Washington team back into the lead (64-63) at halftime.

Wow, in comparison to this afternoon's Rocky Mountain/Rat City game, this is night and day when it comes to excitement levels. Rose City is deep in this. If we could nab this bout… hoping, wishing. Tied again at 66 points each. WTF—three of Rose City's blockers are simultaneously sent to the penalty box with a power jam situation for Oly—Oly 93, RCR 71. That was a pivotal moment for Rose City’s future. Not a good thing, peeps, not a good thing. Ending that debacle with Oly 110, RCR 71. The Wheels of Justice aren’t recovering from that bad turn and Oly is taking full advantage of Portland’s unsteadiness. Twelve minutes to go and it’s Oly 141, Rose City 75. What a battle that was, but it wasn’t enough to secure Rose City the win. Olympia came into this bout confident of their win, defending and jamming like champs—and it looks like their prophesy was self-fulfilling. Final: Oly 161, Rose City 132.

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ORIGINALLY POSTED 9/24/2011, 3:09 PM

This morning’s Bridgetown Brawl consolation bracket games are hella depressing.

For example: Bay Area rubbed Angel City’s noses in it with a 227-70 victory. And the second game was #3 Denver Roller Dolls vs. #9-ranked Tucson. It’s ugly. Denver’s side of the scoreboard is like a tickertape. Also, it’s poor taste of the DJ to play “Another One Bites the Dust” when one team is taking such a stomping. Final score: Denver 387, Tucson 18. That’s what they call a blowout in the salon business.

Rat City Rollergirls vs. Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

The semifinals game between Seattle’s Rat City Rollergirls, currently holding the West’s #6 spot, playing #2-ranked Rocky Mountain Rollergirls is going to be a more evenly matched showdown. Seattle’s fresh from a surprising victory last night over Denver’s other team, and well, Rocky Mountain is a force of nature. This game determines who will advance to the finals game tomorrow—while the loser will have a chance to compete for third place, a win in that game would ensure a ticket to Championships in November. Seattle’s fans are pretty awesome—a couple of spandex-clad green people, à la Green Man, are going bananas. Seattle’s defense is great—stopping Rocky Mountain right out of the gate in a thick scrum (that sounds gross). In a display of stubbornness, Jam #5 was nonexistent with both teams sitting on the jammer line wait for the other team to start the jam. TWO FULL MINUTES just sitting there while the crowd booed and hissed. And the lack of action continues. BORING. “Skate, skate, skate,” the fans are shouting. With 13 minutes to go it’s Rocky 35, Rat City 5. I understand this is a very calculated strategy, but it sure does make for a lame-ass bout. Let’s get moving, ladies. All right, we’re back on track, so to speak. With a pack advantage, Seattle manages to score some points, to make it a 19-point game—the rat-ladies are creeping up on Rocky. Halftime report: Rocky 48, Rat City 39.

Perhaps this is what Seattle was scared of: When everyone skates, Rocky Mountain dominates (patent pending). Rocky Mountain’s defenses are uber tough, and their jamming ain’t nothing to sneeze at. They immediately score 20 points. There’s very little Seattle can do to stop Rocky jammer DeRanged. With 17 minutes to go it’s Rocky 97, Rat City 53. A bunch of bullshit sitting on the jammer line later, Rocky Mountain finally cleared the triple digits. This is definitely going to be a close loss by Seattle to Denver’s team, but it seems like a hollow accolade, what with all the non-action and moping on the jammer line. Five minutes to go: Rocky 113, Rat City 83—the numbers make it sound much more exciting than the actual bout. Rocky’s DeRanged is kinda a bad-winner showboat. Dang, it’s not over—Rat City’s Ann R. Kissed scores some doozies, but it’s not enough. Final: Rock Mountain 117, Rat City 107. Rocky is guaranteed a spot at Championships. If we lose against the Oly Rollers tonight, it looks like Portland will be up against our sisters from the North.

I’m going to take a break ‘til the Rose City Rollers vs. Oly Rollers bout at 7 pm. ‘Til then, derby fanatics.