Unidentified Landed Object: Remember that six ton satellite hurtling towards Earth? Well, it landed. And NASA has no idea where.

Throwing His Furry Hat In: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announces his intention to run for (Russian) presidency in 2012.

Pakistan on Our Side: Pakistan denies allegation by top U.S. commander that its top spy agency aided an attack on Kabul's U.S. Embassy.

Other Denials of the Day: Hilton Worldwide denies selling $16 muffins to attendees at a Justice Department conference. Fruit and coffee were included!

Because Where Else Could You Store a Whale?: NOAA wants to designate the Bermuda Triangle as a humpback whale sanctuary. Let's hope they don't zap into another dimension/become abducted by aliens/return to Atlantis.

For Funsies: Endurance Swimmer Diana Nyad attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida. Again.

Flipping the Switch: Bankrupt solar panel maker Solyndra declines to testify at US congressional hearing. Participating lawmakers slightly bummed, but the trial goes on.

BEST GOOGLE DOODLE YET: Check out today's Google homepage, honoring Jim Henson's 75th birthday.

On That Note: A trailer for the Sundance standout, Being Elmo.