Rooting for Mr. Brumm? Bud Clark!
  • Rooting for Mr. Brumm? Bud Clark!

UPDATE: The organizers of this fundraiser, VOIS, emailed to say that the headline of this post implies that this was a fundraiser FOR mayoral candidates. They're right, it's confusing. This is a fundraiser for VOIS, involving mayoral candidates. Just a clarification.

Remember that time I completely forgot about the 19-year-old kid who is running for mayor against Eileen Brady, Charlie Hales, and now Jefferson Smith?

Well, lil' Max Brumm was left out of something once again, only this time it's not an article, it's a fundraiser with Portland's sustainability bigwigs.

Brumm forwarded over this entire email exchange (PDF) with the organizer of a private fundraiser for the mayoral candidates hosted by the Voice of Oregon Innovation and Sustainability's Business Alliance. It includes messages from none other than Bud Clark and Max's mom weighing in on why Brumm should be invited to the fundraiser as a "viable" candidate despite not having the "demonstrated track record of supporting sustainability and business in Portland."

It's a pretty funny back-and-forth. Basically: Are groups that host mayoral events obligated to invite everyone's who's running, even if they think they have no chance of winning or influencing the outcome?