Two posts of note today! Post #1:

To the assholes out there who are visibly disappointed when they hear my daughter’s “boring” name: I’m sorry that my wife and I care enough about her that we didn’t name her after an obscure 1920’s comic strip character. I’m sorry we didn’t name her after a doe-eyed indie-film starlet or the character in my wife’s favorite fantasy novel from her childhood.

(Something tells me this person isn't really "sorry.") Post #2:

Hope you had a good Summer— sounds like you spent the entirety of it trying to fuck my girlfriend.

Actually I did have a good summer, and... oh. She's not talking to me. Find out who she is talking to by reading the most adorably named blog on the internet, the I, Anonymous Blog! (And why you're at it, submit an adorably scathing post of your own!)