Next Wednesday (Oct 5 at 10 pm) marks the debut of Ryan "Glee" Murphy's new FX scare fest American Horror Story—in which an unhappily married couple and daughter move into a haunted house filled with creepy pictures, jars of baby parts in the basement, and... what am I forgetting? OH! An evil demon in a gimp suit. (Look for more in this coming week's I Love Television™). Anyway, EW brings us the opening credits for the show, which is basically close up shots of the contents of this freaky, freaky house and begs the question, "HOW DID THIS HOUSE GET SOLD IN THE FIRST PLACE??" I don't know whether to applaud the real estate agent's ingenuity or send her to prison. Anyway, this video is creepy as shit. (Which is to say creepy as a turd in a gimp suit.)

Hat tips to EW!