Have you seen Mark Bosworth?

I'm way overdue on posting this, but well-known Portland volunteer and Metro employee 54-year-old Mark Bosworth has been mysteriously missing for 12 days, since disappearing from a campsite during Cycle Oregon. His family was at Sunday Parkways this weekend handing out fliers and seeking the public's help in finding the missing father and husband.

According to his family, Bosworth had battled cancer in the past. They're worried that his disappearance may mean the cancer has returned and has caused him to become disoriented—when he last spoke to his wife (on the phone from the Cycle Oregon ride in Riddle, Oregon) he was confused and said he was in Canada. There's a bike ride planned this Saturday to support the family and also the offer of a $10,000 reward for finding him. If you've seen Mark, call the sheriff's office at 541-957-2099. If you want to keep up with the search, check out the family's Facebook page.