COMEDY, PLEASE!—You may know her as the lesbian cop from The Sarah Silverman Program, or you may know her as the pants-crapping-funny comedian that's gonna make you crap your pants tonight—from laughter! Check out the chuckle-constructing Tig Notaro and her heelariously deadpan one-liners. WSH
w/Ian Karmel; Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, 9 pm, $12

ART PARTY—Despite its sad-sack name, literary magazine Poor Claudia is one of the city's most thoughtful, carefully curated literary journals—and tonight, they've rallied a crew of musicians, artists, and writers (including poet Zachary Schomburg and members of White Hinterland) to help raise funds to keep all that careful thoughtfulness afloat. AH
w/Neal Morgan, Alexis Gideon, Boys on the Side, and more; Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, 8 pm, $5