Another week, another Mercury music section to shed a tear into while you fill the air with the sounds of The Path Of Totality, the new dubstep album from Korn. Yes, that really exists.

For a couple years it seemed like Talkdemonic was done for. But just when we thought the instrumental duo had lost their momentum and were down and out, they bounce back and release Ruins, their best recording to date.

Talkdemonic - "City Sleep"

With Believers, A.A. Bondy creates a late night sound loaded with intensely personal moments.

A.A. Bondy - "Surfer King"

Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter overcome a failed relationship within the band and deliver the emotionally devastating Marble Son in the process.

Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter - "Come To Mary"

Oh sure, Liam Finn's dad is more famous than your dad—his pop is Split Enz/Crowded House frontman Neil Finn, while your dad just got laid off from his job at the Southern Cracker ("The Dryyyyy Cracker") factory—but don't let that distract from the younger Finn's smartly-crafted pop songs.

Liam Finn - "Cold Feet"

End Hits: More nü-metal dubstep mashups, please.