Another year, another birthday party for Elvis! I'm speaking, of course, of Portland institution John "Elvis" Schroder, known around town as "Downtown Elvis" for being one of the most... um... eyebrow raising Elvis impersonators you'll ever see. (Although between you and me, I think he's slowing down his performance schedule. I have only seen him twice since the Mercury office made its move to a building that practically sits on top of the Skidmore Fountain.)

Elvis' tight bros at BarFly are throwing him quite the shindig on Wednesday (Oct 5)—they've even arranged for him to get a makeover from Heads High Barbershop's Josh Poole for the occasion. The main event will go down at Star Theater with Advisory, "supergroup" Hog Wild (members of Freak Show Rodeo, Diamond Tuck, Popewyrm, and Richmond Fontaine), Frank Furter and the Hot Dogs, The Leaders, and Holy Children.

Elvis will be guesting with both acts and running what is sure to be a fascinating trivia contest, Jen Lane of BarFly will emcee and DJ, and naturally both cake and Voodoo Doughnuts will be served. And it's FREE (21+) but donations to Elvis' "Disneyland fund" will be accepted. I do not think that is a euphemism.