Arts nonprofit Oregon Arts Watch recently announced the details of a satisfyingly geeky upcoming theater event:

Rose Riordan, associate artistic director of Portland Center Stage, Brian Weaver, artistic director of Portland Playhouse, and Jerry Mouawad, co-artistic director of Imago Theatre, will each direct the same scene with two professional actors. B

This lineup provides some nice contrasts: Imago typically produces surreal, movement-based shows; Riordan is a very smart director who wrangles a lot of the "edgier" material at Portland Center Stage (she directed The Pillowman and The Receptionist); and Brian Weaver and his cohorts have been impressively successful with accessible, community-oriented shows at Portland Playhouse. These are pretty broad-stokes assessments, obviously—I'm really looking forward to seeing what differences show up when three directing styles are stacked against each other.


The performance will take place Saturday, October 8 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Ellyn Bye Theatre. Following the performance, there will be a short talk back. Tickets are $10.