Who watched American Horror Story last night? And if you did, will you join me in saying, "WHAT THE FREAK WAS THAT?" I'd be hard pressed to think of another basic cable debut that was filthier, disturbing, and more audacious than Ryan "Glee" Murphy's new psychosexual, campy horror story. I don't have time to unpack all of it right now, but here are just a few points that are popping into my head:

1) There was a lot of masturbation here! Two people separately masturbating in one scene? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
2) I think they said the word "shit" almost as much as that one episode of South Park.
3) All the leads are unlikeable. I LIKE THAT.
4) Jessica Lange as the crazy Southern neighbor is a freaking revelation, and I'll be watching this show for her, if nothing else.
5) Ryan Murphy really likes people with Down Syndrome, doesn't he?
6) And while it didn't really "scare me" (in a poop flying into my pants sort of way), this show is WAY creepy, and WAY disturbing, and WAY stressful. I liked it... but why did I feel so stressed out afterward?

If you watched it, YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE!

Dont look now, but... are there two mutilated Gingers behind me?
  • Courtesy FX
  • "Don't look now, but... are there two mutilated Gingers behind me?"