Everyone's Talking about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! The Apple genius is dead. Here's the tribute email sent around Apple, here's the idiotic plan to protest his funeral, here's the upcoming TIME magazine devoted to his visage.

Also Important: OMG! It's a giant pumpkin!

Meanwhile, on Wall Street: The #Occupation force gets union support despite over two dozen arrests.

Giant Caucus: Nevada jumps ahead of other states, planning its presidential caucus for January 14.

Speaking of 2012... Will voter suppression laws change the outcome?

The Loneliest Gay Bar: Uganda's only gay bar got shut down.

Remember This Bullshit? Bahrain has (thankfully) ordered a retrial for medics imprisoned for treating protesters.

Now THIS is the Future! An exoskeleton that allows paralyzed people to walk?

Poetry! A Swede wins the Nobel prize for literature. For some poems.

Today in Socialism: Gas stations in Copenhagen install bike repair stations.

A Sad Story About a Cannibal: I thought this news story about an ex-model who supposedly ate her husband would be entertaining, but instead it's just kind of a downer.

Annnnd Sarah Palin Says She's Definitely Not Running for President: Big whoop.