Richmond Fontaine

Another week, another Mercury music section to ignore while you read about Courtney Taylor-Taylor-Taylor-Taylor-Taylor threatening to tear the "fuggin heads off" member of U.K.'s Conservative Party who used a Dandy Warhols' song without the band's permission. Perhaps Hank Williams II would like to weigh in on this issue?

Our esteemed music editor Ned Lannamann (!) spent some time at various dive bars with Willy Vlautin, discussing the conceptual new RIchmond Fontaine album, The High Country. What the article didn't mention is how they both shared a single virgin Midori Sour and then watched Gossip Girl together.

RIchmond Fontaine - "The Mechanic's Life"

The rock and roll titans known as Danava make their glorious return with Hemisphere of Shadows. Also, judging by their new promotional photo, Danava still exclusively wears leather and/or denim jackets. Boys, it's about time you get yourself something nice from the tweed family. It'll make you look dignified.

Danava - "Shoot Straight With A Crooked Gun"

Chad VanGaalen retreats to the outskirts of Calgary to work on his off-kilter pop songs and prepare his forthcoming series of 13 different cassette releases. Within the decade we hope CD technology will reach Calgary, but until then, enjoy those tapes.

Chad VanGaalen - "Peace on the Rise"

End Hits: More muskmelon-flavored cordials, please.