Seattle cops tend to be bumping heads a lot more with their "Occupy" protesters, than Portland cops are with ours. To show the difference, I forwarded a PPB press release with the following language to our sister news team at The Stranger, cuz I knew their jaws would drop... and they did. Here's a clip of the PPB release I sent.

The Portland Police Bureau will make arrests as necessary, as we are committed to public safety. However, we believe there is a spirit of cooperation with Occupy Portland, and that participants are educating each other in an effort to deter further criminal activity.

They published the press release on SLOG, and among the average "put a bird on it" comments, there was this one:


Now obviously, if someone within the Occupy Portland ranks is breaking some major laws and fucking it up for everybody, they should be turned in. On the other hand, is this "spirit of cooperation" between the protesters and police sapping the will, energy and fun out of this movement? In Seattle today, there's a hundreds-strong revamped protest downtown—one they've been planning for days. Occupy Portland has been spending the last 24 wondering how to cooperate with a marathon. WHAT'S YOUR OPINION ON THIS?