Okay, I'll admit it: I've finally met a "hot lesbian makeout scene" I didn't like. Us Weekly reports that Charlie's Angels stars Minka Kelly and Rachael Taylor were photographed massaging each others' tonsils for an upcoming episode of the show that will probably be canceled before I finish writing this sentence.

No? Not canceled yet? Well, I guess we can thank the following smoochy photo leak for administering CPR on a practically dead corpse. Let's take a peek, just to see if anything tingles in our nethers.

  • Credit: Storms Media Group

Huh. Yeah... not much going on down there. In fact, this is perhaps the UNsexiest girl-on-girl kiss I've witnessed since the time my Grandma slipped the tongue to my Aunt Nadine. (I think/hope it was a joke?) Anyway, what's wrong with this kiss: Is it the awkward slumping? The noncommittal hands lazily perched on the back of the head and face? The pooch bellies? The simply grotesque flip flops?

I'm sorry, but this photo is as sexy as an open-faced bologna sandwich!! Any dissenting opinions are welcome in the comments, but in the meantime... STEP IT UP, GIRL-ON-GIRL FRENCHING!