Hey Occupy Portland people!

You know those guys over there sitting in the street, refusing to get up? There are two possible reasons why they're there: 1) They are assholes who just want to fuck shit up. A distinct possibility. 2) Or maybe... You haven't given them anything to do.

See, I get it that you guys don't want to make any demands, or stifle anyone's right to free speech. That's fine. However, as my mom used to remind me, "Idle hands are the devil's laundromat." She would get confused sometimes, but you get her point: People with useful things to do get into much less malicious mischief (unless they're the aforementioned a-holes who just want to eff ish up).

There are a poop ton of people in the city supporting you that don't have the time or inclination to camp out for three months. They are depending on YOU to lead them and give them ideas on how they can make changes to our corrupt, fucked up system. For example, organizing noon-time rallies in Pioneer Square with guest speakers that can explain how Wall Street has ruined America, and suggested things we can do to stop them. Telling people to switch from their big banks to credit unions. Organizing weekend mini-marches or bike rides. Make art, slogans, and put up fliers around town. YOU have the time, and the people-power to do this. And I bet (hope) those people sitting in the street can help you.

Put them to work. If they still want to fuck shit up, quit being nice, and kick them out. Your (our) reputation depends on it.