It's been a rough day for Lucasfilm—an unfinished version of the theatrical poster for Star Wars: Episode I—The Phantom Menace 3D was accidentally leaked online this morning. Despite never being meant for the public, this early mock-up spread like wildfire on the internet. Since the genie's out of the bottle, we might as well post that conceptual version here—


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—but please, remember: That that is not the actual poster for the film. Exclusive to the Portland Mercury, the real, finished poster for Star Wars: Episode I—The Phantom Menace 3D can be found below. "Here's hoping some people see this," writer/director George Lucas said in a quick phone interview just a few moments ago. "At no small expense, we've painstakingly converted this film into dazzling 3D, and we worked hard to reimagine the poster, too. I'd hate to think that, based on an early, unfinished poster design, people might get the wrong idea about what to expect from this much-anticipated 3D rerelease of The Phantom Menace."


Star Wars: Episode I—The Phantom Menace will be rereleased in 3D on February 10, 2012.

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