Comment of the Week (AKA "Comment of the Whenever Alison Remembers") goes to commenter Graham, who made what I think are some very good points in the comments to Sarah's post about why the arrests this morning were actually good for the Occupy Portland movement. (I changed the case on Graham's comment so your inner monologue doesn't have to scream as you read it, and can return to the anxious whimper with which I assume you, like me, are most comfortable.)

The occupiers are remaining in the parks due to the goodwill of the state. If the state wanted them moved, they'd get moved. This is not the battle for Libya where you need actual battle lines and tactics. They need strategy and plans and marketing. They are fighting for the hearts and minds of the 99%, not for the bodies and space they occupy.

Look at the amazing work food not bombs did by just feeding anyone who wanted food. That type of strategy scares the establishment (for reference, also look into the breakfast program used by the black panthers circa 1969, oakland). The #ows needs to find their version of that. Maybe it's cleaning the streets, maybe it's feeding people. But they need to do something better and more meaningful that just hanging out in a tent in the middle of city.


Related: This great comic by Matt Bors, which ran in the paper this week. I relate.