Talking Tough: Uncle Sam wags his finger and says, "Hey! Try not to assassinate people on our soil" but steers clear of action against Iran.

"Littering, Drug Use, and Debauchery": Those old timers at the Tea Party go after Occupy Wall Street.

NYC Cops Planted Drugs: An officer testifies that cops often planted drugs on people to meet narcotics arrest quotas. More successful justice under the War on Drugs.

Women as Pawns: The story behind why Topeka, Kansas decriminalized domestic violence.

DSK A-OK: France drops its rape case against the former IMF chief.

Obama is a One Percenter: Gearing up for a disgustingly expensive race, the president raised $70 million this summer.

Blackberry is Back: The network supporting Blackberry has been down for five days, but is all of a sudden fixed.

Mixed Racial Tensions: No surprise, though mixed race families are on the rise across the US, they still encounter a lot of assholes and gawking.

The Future: One-year-old thinks a magazine is an iPad.

Hella Sweet Shark Surfing: Oregon surfer rides for a few seconds on the back of a Great White. Sick.