Shockingly, this piece of garbage did not make NMEs list.
  • Shockingly, this piece of garbage did not make NME's list.
NME announced the best 150 songs from the last 15 years, which seems like a sort of arbitrary date range to choose from, not to mention an unfortunate one—scientific evidence has proved that 1999 was the single worst year in popular music, so there is going to be a severe dip in quality somewhere in there. Radiohead is number one, which isn't a surprise (they show up, like, 80 more times on the list), but the Libertines make the top 20 twice, which baffles me, and there's all kinds of other odd choices like Bloc Party and Foals and Florence and the Machine clogging up the top rankings. The Killers' claim to #5 is outright offensive. And who are the Klaxons again?

A couple Portland-related acts make the chart, though: Gossip's "Standing in the Way of Control" makes the list at #34, and the Cribs' "Men's Needs" are at #98. A congratulations are in order: Well done on making the chart of a British Magazine's List of the Best Rock-Oriented Songs Released by a Predominantly English Group of Bands Between the Years of 1996 and 2011. That's something to be proud of.


End Hits: Not your Mr. Brightside.