Fun fact! I majored in creative writing when I was in college, which means I took like 43 poetry workshops. While I got some stuff out of it—like bookshelves that sag under the weight of Norton anthologies, or a hyper-nerdy poster showing a bookstore on the wall of my apartment—I have no problem admitting that I've never written anything half as beautiful as the haikus that won the Mercury's first annual Lord of the Rings in Concert Poetry Contest.

The winners have been decided. Here's who's gonna be nerding the fuck out at the Rose Garden this Tuesday:

“Comment No. 4”
by Trisha

Oh Samwise Gamgee
The world was saved so you could
Nail Rosie Cotton

“Comment No. 14”
by rabblevox

The elves are going.
Lothlorien weeps for them
Bright leaves fall like rain

“Comment No. 41”
by dotcomdotcom

Love Mercury Music Coverage?

Legolas, rub me
on my soft Baggins with your
long Bombadildo

Winners, check your email so you can find out how to get your tickets. Everybody else, nice work.

"Bombadildo." And they say poetry is dead!

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