The planned clear-out of Occupy Wall Street's main camp, Lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park, was put on hold after the park's private owners had a change of heart and abruptly phoned Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who then abruptly called off the police. Of course, there were still plenty of arrests and scuffles.

Meanwhile, our kin over at the Stranger also report arrests at Occupy Seattle—part of Mayor Mike McGinn's long-running dance of threatening, arresting, and then retreating.

Here's some real Wall Street justice. A billionaire hedge fund manager was sentenced to 11 years in prison for insider trading—a record sentence in the United States for the crime. If that still sounds wimpy, consider that during the Bush administration, the same crime hardly netted more than two years.

Heads-up parents whose kids don't eat their peas! Based on new hunger surveys, they'll need to worry less about offending the poor, starving kids in China and more about the poor, starving kids in our own inner cities and rural outposts.

People are figuring out that Herman Cain,
the latest GOP-brand "Not Mitt Romney" darling, probably doesn't have any idea what the eff he's actually doing.

However, a new poll says
that anyone who wants Barack Obama to remain president should do everything they can to convince Republican voters that Cain really does know what the eff he's doing. Rick Perry, too. That is, if the president can overcome the loss of Hulk Hogan's crucial endorsement.

In Italy, Silvio Berlusconi
has won permission to continue governing from beneath a writhing pile of expensive, nubile sex workers.

For the first time in a long time,
a story that makes me care again about the "Mexican drug smugglers tunneling into strange places" meme.

If you're mentally ill and shoot at the president, should you stay locked up forever? Or do you get to go free when doctors say you're feeling better? John Hinckley really needs an answer.

Some mighty fancy Tele-Phones
are going on sale today. Many, many millions of them.

Hey, Timbers fans! Brian Gjurgevich is live-blogging tonight's game right here on Blogtown. Here's his report:

It's Timbers Army's last chance to occupy the House of Pane this season as Portland hosts Houston at 7:30 tonight in a crucial clash of Wild Card rivals and the final home game (barring some sort of miracle playoff run) for PTFC. The Dynamo, unbeaten in four straight and well-rested since tying Chicago on October 1, sit three points ahead of the Timbers for the 10th and final Major League Soccer playoff spot. But plucky Portland has put its best foot forward for the postseason chase, with just one loss in its last seven matches. With three games remaining, can the Timbers thank their fans with a playoff-worthy performance in a must-win match? Now that you have permission to enjoy soccer, check back tonight as I live-blog all the action, on and off the pitch.