Straight girl BFFs are a necessity and a blessing for us gay boys—especially when a gay boy doesn’t have friends who are gay boys. To all of our straight girl BFFs out there I want to say thank you. You have prevented more suicides and more bullying, and alleviated more depression, than any government program ever could. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


When you go to a gay bar with your gay BFF remember that you are a guest. Be respectful. Don’t scream for no reason, don't grope random guys, and don't get all pouty/sad when we don’t want to dance and/or pretend to flirt with you. No matter how pretty, bubbly, or energetic you are, no matter all the good you've done for us (so much! thank you!), when gay boys go to gay bars we're looking to attract the attention of the others guys there, not you.

Girls Aren’t Yucky

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