Auggh! Baby arm! Baby arm!

[Look who's taken the reins from former Mercury music editor Ezra Caraeff! And look who's posting the weekly This Week's Mercury Music Section blog post a day late... Oh well. Baby steps. Or in this case, baby arms.]

Another week, another Mercury music section to ignore while you lounge in what is certain to be the RV of the future. Be sure to check out the sky lounge and automatic gangway. If you see that van a-rockin', do whatever it takes to get inside.

Annie Clark, AKA St. Vincent [pictured above], writes songs in the key of Q. I'm no music expert (oh what, I am now?) but I'm pretty sure that Q is not a key.

St. Vincent - "Surgeon"

If you ever receive solicitation from a friend of a friend looking for a singer for a "weird" band, by all means take them up on it no matter what. That's what dub vocalist Anika did, and the friend turned out to be Geoff Barrow from Portishead.

Anika - "No One's There"

Pamela Z headlines the second night of concerts at the Electrogals festival, a weeklong event of workshops, lectures, sound installations, and, of course, performances by women electronic artists.

Pamela Z - "Pop Titles 'You'"

English folk-punk singer Frank Turner takes the name of his latest, England Keep My Bones, from Shakespeare. Sure, Frank, but when the Mayan apocalypse comes next year, the aliens are going to devour you bones and all.

Frank Turner - "Peggy Sang the Blues"

Plus, ample helpings of shows in our Up and Comings.