So Portland's plastic bag ban started this past weekend, and... wait. What's this? SOMEONE ISN'T VERY HAPPY ABOUT IT!!

As a grocery-shopping bicyclist who goes by Safeway on his way home from work: OH THANK GOD SOMEONE SAVED ME FROM THE EVIL SIN OF USING PLASTIC BAGS TO TRANSPORT MY GROCERIES! Now I can revel in the joys of trying to juggle paper bags over my handlebars while they dissolve in the rain, or I can play the wonderful minigame of "let's not run over the reusable bag that's dangling about six inches above the ground" every time I get groceries. What FUN! Or, hey, I can patronize one of our many overpriced bike shops and buy a $200 set of saddlebags to go with my $100 junker bike. That's a great theft deterrent, isn't it?

And oh, yes! This person has a lot more to say, and the ensuing comments are already flying fast and furious. Pop by the I, Anonymous Blog for this and other fun/infuriating rants and confessions... and while you're there? Drop off one of your own. (Just be sure to use a plastic bag to pick it up.)