Here's the striking new video from Holcombe Waller, for his cover of Buffy Sainte-Marie's "Qu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan," which was recorded live at the Doug Fir with his band the Healers and guest drums from Menomena's Danny Seim.

The track, which Sainte-Marie wrote about returning to the Piapot Cree Indian reservation where she grew up, appears on Waller's current album Into the Dark Unknown, and the video stars—along with Holcombe himself—Waller's own grandmother, Grandma Ruth. The video was co-directed by Bowen Ames and Waller, and, according to the press release, "elements of the [video's] imagery are being incorporated into a theatrical song performance, Surfacing, that Waller will debut December 2 and 3 in Portland, Oregon, at the BodyVox Theater." In the meantime, Waller is also performing a concert on December 16 at the Alberta Rose Theatre.

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