Pictured above: The one person on Earth excited about this news.
  • Pictured above: The one person on Earth excited about this news.

Remember that mediocre '70s sci-fi show Battlestar Galactica that got remade into an uneven-but-in-general-pretty-goddamn-badass TV series? Of course you do! By which I mean, of course you remember the uneven-but-in-general-pretty-goddamn-badass version. Nobody except sad old nerds remembers the original version, and they only remember it because they like to angrily complain about Starbuck being a man and why that's important for some reason.

ANYWAY, new Battlestar might be dead—it's ill-advised spinoff Caprica tanked, and news regarding a potential new series, Blood and Chrome, is the opposite of promising—but Bryan Singer's still threatening to bring back the '70s version. Because why not, I guess. Via Blastr:

Singer's version will have nothing to do with Ron D. Moore's recent successful take on the classic sci-fi series, but will rather be a re-imagining of Glen Larson's 1978 original series, with Larson on board as a producer.

So that's that. Hey, maybe this could turn out great! I mean, all evidence would seem to be to the contrary, but maybe it could be great! Personally, I'm just hoping they cram another unlucky chimpanzee inside a suffocating robo-dog costume. Is that wrong? That's wrong, huh.