BEST FRIENDS—An integral element of Portland's vigorous musical community is not merely the talent on display, but how well everyone interacts with each other: Friendships over rivalries, and this is on full display during the inaugural Event 1. This quarterly series curated by local label High Scores and Records focuses on collaborative performances, with tonight's lineup including members of Typhoon, YACHT, Loch Lomond, Y La Bamba, and plenty more. EAC
Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, 8:30 pm, $5

—Journey. Foreigner. Night Ranger. Has there ever been a triple headliner more guaranteed to bring college students and their suburban parents together in beer-soaked tears? This is music that gets how you're feeling, and you know what it says? "We're gonna ROCK!... until probably 10:30 pm or so, because it's a Wednesday and we all have to be up in the morning. Whooo!" MJ
Rose Garden Arena, 1 Center Court, 7 pm, $29.50-125, all ages