Partys over.
  • Party's over.
Mayor Sam Adams tweeted this afternoon that Occupy Portland really needs to nix the medical marijuana tent that they set up in Lownsdale Park:
We want to do our part to provide clear communication regarding the OccupyPortland protest. Recently, my team and I read some internet posts about OccupyPortland and medical use of marijuana in public places and parks. According the the Office of the City Attorney, under state law, a person authorized to possess marijuana for medical use is NOT allowed to do so in a public place or in public view. A public place means a place to which the general public has access and includes parks. So, even though a person may be authorized by state law to possess marijuana for medical use they are not allowed to do so anywhere in a public park. Not even out of view in a tent. We are enforcing all alcohol and drug laws. Related ORS 457.316(1)(b);

The late night hug tent is still okay, though.