Tonight's installment of the semi-regular variety show Entertainment for People recently announced the addition of a super special last minute guest: Blake Nelson, author of Girl, Paranoid Park, and many other books for sad grownups teens including the just-published Girl sequel, Dream School. I'm almost finished with Dream School and completely enjoying it: Girl heroine Andrea Marr leaves Portland for an East Coast private school, where she carries on being daffily privileged and obsessing about fashion and "coolness" and trying to decide what boys to sleep with and why. It's a lot of fun. (Except I want to host a media literacy workshop about how much I hate the cover.)

Nelson was on a panel at Wordstock about coming-of-age stories and why we like 'em. A quote: “I love writing about high school kids because they can’t help but change.”

Also on deck tonight: Comedian Ian Karmel, who busted out some great new material last night at the Tonic; filmmaker/writer Arthur Bradford, fresh off working on a documentary about South Park for Comedy Central; zinester Nicole Georges; and the multifaceted Anne Adams, who plays music, writes very smart arts criticism for the Portland Monthly's Culturephile blog, and tells fortunes at bars using plastic dinosaurs.

That's tonight at the Woods, 8 pm, tickets here.