Qaddafi is Dead: Libyan leaders say they finally found and shot Muammar Qaddafi in his hometown.

Who Was That Guy, Anyway? A stroll down the memory lane of Libya's most hated man.

Now the Hard Part: Can the rebel leaders create a stable, equitable country?

College Crush: How student loan debt is strangling a generation.

250 Mile Protest March: Forget "sitting in one place" as a protest, Bolivian indigenous groups march 250 miles to the capital to protest a new highway.

The Juan Williams Treatment: NPR fires an opera freelancer who helped the Occupy DC protest.

Media Mashup: Will Microsoft buy Yahoo?

Ladyfriends: Feminist media doc Miss Representation premieres tonight—and the director has some things to say, thank you very much.

US Army Fears Kittens: The army has started a new no touching kittens campaign.


Remember that Toxic Cloud? A Portland manufacturing company, Precision Castparts, is given two serious citations for releasing a giant toxic cloud over SE Portland last year.